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Feeding the 5000
  • Feeding the 5000

    Feeding the 5000

    Feb 6, 2023 • 44:05

    Jesus feeds the 5000 is an incredible miracle that is found in all four gospels. Let's hear about that today.

  • Sunday 1-29-2023: Kingdom Economy

    Sunday 1-29-2023: Kingdom Economy

    Jan 30, 2023 • 44:05

    We learn today about 'partnership' in the gospel and a couple principles of how the Economy of the Kingdom of God works.

  • How many loaves do you have?

    How many loaves do you have?

    Jan 23, 2023 • 25:39

    Pastor Steven talks about how we all have 'loaves' in our lives that God wants to use and multiply!

  • Stand Firm - the Secret of Contentment

    Stand Firm - the Secret of Contentment

    Jan 16, 2023 • 40:35

    Walking with Jesus should cause us all immeasurable contentment. ..but does it? Is it possible to walk in contentment in this time?

  • Let your life flow

    Let your life flow

    Jan 9, 2023 • 43:39

    We are all created for good works that God has in store for us to do. Where is the bottleneck or kink in the hose in your life?

  • How to Prioritize Jesus in my life

    How to Prioritize Jesus in my life

    Jan 3, 2023 • 43:05

    It is easy to get distracted and only think about God when we are hurting or on Sundays. This year, let's keep God first in our thoughts all year long!

  • The Great Reveal: When God shows up in your story

    The Great Reveal: When God shows up in your story

    Dec 19, 2022 • 43:11

    God could have chosen to reveal Himself and His plan in so many ways. Ultimately, He chose to reveal Himself in our story!

  • Follow the Star

    Follow the Star

    Dec 12, 2022 • 14:48

    Everyone is following something. What are you following?

  • Mental Health - Your Thinking Matters!

    Mental Health - Your Thinking Matters!

    Dec 5, 2022 • 37:32

    Paul continues giving tools in Philippians 4 on how to walk in emotional and mental health. Today we find out that your thinking matters...a lot!

  • The key to walking in God's strength and steadiness

    The key to walking in God's strength and steadiness

    Nov 28, 2022 • 51:36

    We continue in Philippians 4 talking about emotional and mental health. We can participate in God's strength and steadfastness. Find out how today!

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Feeding the 5000

Sunday 1-29-2023: Kingdom Economy

How many loaves do you have?

Stand Firm – the Secret of Contentment

Let your life flow

The Great Reveal: When God shows up in your story

Follow the Star

Mental Health – Your Thinking Matters!

The key to walking in God’s strength and steadiness

Anxiety & The Space that God Fills

Anxiety and Spiritual Stability

Return to Joy!

Greater Grace

Are you burning?

The Gospel Track

Stand Firm!

Pastor Mike Spencer – Chaska, MN

Citizens of Heaven

Follow my example

Living up to what we have attained

Forgetting what is behind

Press on!

Guest Speaker: Michael Sanchez

Philippians: Invitation to a Journey

Guest Speakers: Frank and Lanita Vanderbush

Philippians: Cultural Christianity

Philippians: Hold On


Guest Speaker: Kevin Suiter

Father’s Day 2022

Philippians: Obedience

Philippians: Pride and Humility

Resurrection Sunday!

Palm Sunday: Celebrity or King?

Supply and Demand: Living in the Flow

Philippians: Unity

How Then Shall We Live?

Philippians: Jesus Exalted

Living With a Rhythm

Make Room

He Is!

Philippians: Sharing in Grace

Philippians: Becoming

Philippians: Faithfulness

Youth Service

Philippians: Partnership

Guest Speaker: Michael Sanchez

Philippians: Intro Part 2

Philippians: Introduction

Plot Twist: Breakdown or Breakthrough?

Wisdom: Led by the Spirit

Wisdom: Am I Wise?

Wisdom Seeks

Wisdom: Mockers

Wisdom: Fools

Wisdom: The Simple

Wisdom: Wisdom’s Advertisement

Wisdom: Prudence

Wisdom: Boundaries and Pathways

Wisdom: Wisdom Walks

Wisdom: Fear of the Lord

Wisdom: Humility

The Gospel

Guest Speaker: Bob Hanus

Wisdom: Great Fathers

Wisdom: A Willing Mind

Wisdom: Solomon

Sowing and Reaping – Spirit and Flesh

Sowing and Reaping – Soil Conditions


Sowing and Reaping – Establish Your Heart

Sowing and Reaping

Generosity – Hold on Loosely

Generosity – Life Untangled

Resurrection Life

Generosity – Spring Thinking

Generosity – Practical Steps

Generosity – The Un-kinked Hose

Generosity – Freedom and Flow

Generosity – Living Free

Powerful People – Natural vs. Kingdom Thinking

Relationship Tips

Powerful People – Joseph Jacobson Part 2

Powerful People – Joseph Jacobson

Powerful People – Fallen Fruit

WWJT – Part 4

WWJT – Part 3

WWJT – Part 2

WWJT – Part 1

The Majesty of Christmas

Powerful People – Thankfulness Part 2

Powerful People – Thankfulness

Powerful People – The Mind Field

Powerful People – Victim Thinking

Powerful People – Victims and Blame

Powerful People – Bearing Fruit

Stewarding Your Season Well – Discernment Finale

Spiritual Senses – Carnal vs Kingdom Thinking

Spiritual Senses – Godly Wisdom

Spiritual Senses – Insignificant Miracles

Spiritual Senses – Maintaining Desperation

Spiritual Senses – Seeing & Hearing

Spiritual Senses – Cravings

Spiritual Senses – Taste

Spiritual Senses – Born Again

Bob Hanus

Spiritual Senses – Touch

GTG Conference Recap and Spiritual Growth

Discernment and Growth Part 2

Discernment and Growth

Are You “Dull of Hearing”?

Discernment and Hebrews 4:12

Father’s Day and Discernment

Stewarding Your Season Well

Easter Sunday

People of Peace and Presence

Fear, Faith, and Wisdom

Core – Presence: Humility Part 4

Core – Presence: Humility Part 3

Core – Presence: Humility Part 2

Core – Presence: Humility

Core – Presence: Taste and See Part 3

Core – Presence: Taste and See Part 2

Core – Presence: Taste and See

Core – Presence: Grace and Favor Part 2

Core – Presence: Grace and Favor

Core – Presence: God With Us

Responding to the Christmas Story

Core – Presence: Advent

Core – Family: Love Does Not Delight in Evil

Core – Family: No Record of Wrongs

25 Years of God’s Faithfulness

Core – Family: Love Is Not Rude

Guest Speaker: Mavis Kurkowski

Core – Family: Defaults and Deficits Part 2

Core – Family: Defaults and Deficits Part 1

Core – Family: Love Does Not Boast

Core – Family: Love Does Not Envy

Core – Family: Love is Kind

Transactional vs Transformational Relationships

Core – Family: 4 loves & Patience

Core – Family: Importance of Love

Core: Family – 1 Cor 13

Core – Family: Grace for loving people well

Michael Sanchez

Check your A.I.M. – loving others

Purity of Soul

Core: Family – Part 2

Core: Family

Core: Truth – The word of God

Father’s Day 2019

Bob Hanus

Being Fruitful in every season

How Mothers reveal God’s glory

Steve Tucker

Expectations vs Expectancy – Steven

Easter 2019

Is the bible just a book or God’s word?

Core-Truth – Is the bible true (part 2)

Core – Truth 4

Core-Truth III

Core – Truth Part II

Core – What is truth?

Being Led by the Spirit – Discussion Panel

Holy Spirit – Gifts vs Character

Stewarding your gifts

Spiritual Gifts – Part II

Spiritual Gifts

Hearing God’s Voice

The Holy Spirit and the Christmas story

The Holy Spirit brings Life!

The Holy Spirit – what does he do? Part II

Unity and the Holy Spirit – Part 2

Unity – Pastor Steven

The Holy Spirit – What does he do?

The Holy Spirit – Is He a person?

The Holy Spirit – Is he God? – Part 2

The Holy Spirit – Who is He?

The promise and the names of the Holy Spirit

Blessed for persecution

Consider your ways – Part 2

Consider your ways

Peacemakers and the Argument Culture

Peacemakers – Part 2

Being a peacemaker

Bob Hanus – The Cross-walker

Pure in heart

Blessed are the merciful

Meekness Part II – Pastor Steven

Authority in meekness – Pastor Steven

Hunger and thirst

Walking in meekness

Father’s Day 2018

The blessed life – The Beatitudes

The upside down kingdom of God – Matt 5

Holy Spirit

New Nature

Mother’s Day – Marne Snaza


I see…

My way or the High Way

Inside Job

Focus & Perspective

Growth Squared Part II

Growth Squared

Season of Growth – interview

Alive in Christ

Faith, Hope & Love

Revealing God’s Love

Body Ministry

Becoming the Church