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Father's Day 2024
  • Father's Day 2024

    Father's Day 2024

    Jun 17, 2024 • 42:30

  • Oh My Soul: Soul vs Self

    Oh My Soul: Soul vs Self

    Jun 11, 2024 • 35:48

  • Jeremy Gall - Miracles

    Jeremy Gall - Miracles

    Jun 4, 2024 • 44:40

  • Oh my Soul

    Oh my Soul

    May 28, 2024 • 46:19

  • Encountering Jesus - Marne Snaza

    Encountering Jesus - Marne Snaza

    May 13, 2024 • 47:41

  • Equipped: A pleasing life

    Equipped: A pleasing life

    Apr 30, 2024 • 38:33

  • Equipped - God is working in you

    Equipped - God is working in you

    Apr 22, 2024 • 35:51

  • Equipped with Everything Good

    Equipped with Everything Good

    Apr 17, 2024 • 38:29

  • Isaac Gbene - The Power of God

    Isaac Gbene - The Power of God

    Apr 10, 2024 • 1:00:17

    Isaac grew up in Ghana in idol worship. He shares his story with us of how Jesus rescued him and how you have the power of God in you if you are surrendered to Jesus.

  • Resurrection Day 2024

    Resurrection Day 2024

    Apr 2, 2024 • 43:14

    Jesus is Alive! He is our Living Hope.

My Podcast Episodes

Father’s Day 2024

Oh My Soul: Soul vs Self

Jeremy Gall – Miracles

Oh my Soul

Encountering Jesus – Marne Snaza

Equipped: A pleasing life

Equipped – God is working in you

Equipped with Everything Good

Isaac Gbene – The Power of God

Resurrection Day 2024

Equipped for Life


Distinguished People – Practical Application

Distinguished People – Practicing the Presence

Distinguished People III

Distinguished People II

Distinguished People

Marne Snaza – How to begin

10 Ways to know you are Spiritually growing!

God’s Faithfulness

Looking back to move forward

Hidden Christmas – Two Realms

Hidden Christmas – Light and Darkness

Rewire – Entitled or Grateful?

Rewire: The Pursuit of Pleasure

Rewire: The Ultimate Self

Pastor Steven – Back from the Brink

Pastor Steven – Break Free from Anxiety

Rewire: Feelings and the Truth

Rewire! – Adaptive Unconscious

Mike Spencer

Seeking God – Blessing!

Seeking God: Exchanging Glory

Seeking God: Pretty Sneaky Fred

Children of the burning heart

Earnestly Seeking Him

Seek the Lord – Attention!

Enlarge and Expand

Psalm 119: Truth!

Battle of Two Freedoms

Mark and Julie Morse

Psalm 119: Knowing Right and Wrong

Psalm 119: Blessing!

Psalm 119 – Word of God

Mother’s Day 2023 – Radiate!

What are you looking for?

Aspen Snaza – Faith!

Roadblocks: Spiritual Breathing – Forgiveness

Resurrection Sunday 2023

Palm Sunday 2023

Godly Justice & offence

Roadblocks: I’m Offended!

Roadblocks: Pride

Roadblocks: Spiritual Myopia

Roadblocks, Detours & Dead Ends

Beyond Belief

Feeding the 5000

Sunday 1-29-2023: Kingdom Economy

How many loaves do you have?

Stand Firm – the Secret of Contentment

Let your life flow

The Great Reveal: When God shows up in your story

Follow the Star

Mental Health – Your Thinking Matters!

The key to walking in God’s strength and steadiness

Anxiety & The Space that God Fills

Anxiety and Spiritual Stability

Return to Joy!

Greater Grace

Are you burning?

The Gospel Track

Stand Firm!

Pastor Mike Spencer – Chaska, MN

Citizens of Heaven

Follow my example

Living up to what we have attained

Forgetting what is behind

Press on!

Guest Speaker: Michael Sanchez

Philippians: Invitation to a Journey

Guest Speakers: Frank and Lanita Vanderbush

Philippians: Cultural Christianity

Philippians: Hold On


Guest Speaker: Kevin Suiter

Father’s Day 2022

Philippians: Obedience

Philippians: Pride and Humility

Resurrection Sunday!

Palm Sunday: Celebrity or King?

Supply and Demand: Living in the Flow

Philippians: Unity

How Then Shall We Live?

Philippians: Jesus Exalted

Living With a Rhythm

Make Room

He Is!

Philippians: Sharing in Grace

Philippians: Becoming

Philippians: Faithfulness

Youth Service

Philippians: Partnership

Guest Speaker: Michael Sanchez

Philippians: Intro Part 2

Philippians: Introduction

Plot Twist: Breakdown or Breakthrough?

Wisdom: Led by the Spirit

Wisdom: Am I Wise?

Wisdom Seeks

Wisdom: Mockers

Wisdom: Fools

Wisdom: The Simple

Wisdom: Wisdom’s Advertisement

Wisdom: Prudence

Wisdom: Boundaries and Pathways

Wisdom: Wisdom Walks

Wisdom: Fear of the Lord

Wisdom: Humility

The Gospel

Guest Speaker: Bob Hanus

Wisdom: Great Fathers

Wisdom: A Willing Mind

Wisdom: Solomon

Sowing and Reaping – Spirit and Flesh

Sowing and Reaping – Soil Conditions


Sowing and Reaping – Establish Your Heart

Sowing and Reaping

Generosity – Hold on Loosely

Generosity – Life Untangled

Resurrection Life

Generosity – Spring Thinking

Generosity – Practical Steps

Generosity – The Un-kinked Hose

Generosity – Freedom and Flow

Generosity – Living Free

Powerful People – Natural vs. Kingdom Thinking

Relationship Tips

Powerful People – Joseph Jacobson Part 2

Powerful People – Joseph Jacobson

Powerful People – Fallen Fruit

WWJT – Part 4

WWJT – Part 3

WWJT – Part 2

WWJT – Part 1

The Majesty of Christmas

Powerful People – Thankfulness Part 2

Powerful People – Thankfulness

Powerful People – The Mind Field

Powerful People – Victim Thinking

Powerful People – Victims and Blame

Powerful People – Bearing Fruit

Stewarding Your Season Well – Discernment Finale

Spiritual Senses – Carnal vs Kingdom Thinking

Spiritual Senses – Godly Wisdom

Spiritual Senses – Insignificant Miracles

Spiritual Senses – Maintaining Desperation

Spiritual Senses – Seeing & Hearing

Spiritual Senses – Cravings

Spiritual Senses – Taste

Spiritual Senses – Born Again

Bob Hanus

Spiritual Senses – Touch

GTG Conference Recap and Spiritual Growth

Discernment and Growth Part 2

Discernment and Growth

Are You “Dull of Hearing”?

Discernment and Hebrews 4:12

Father’s Day and Discernment

Stewarding Your Season Well

Easter Sunday

People of Peace and Presence

Fear, Faith, and Wisdom

Core – Presence: Humility Part 4

Core – Presence: Humility Part 3

Core – Presence: Humility Part 2

Core – Presence: Humility

Core – Presence: Taste and See Part 3

Core – Presence: Taste and See Part 2

Core – Presence: Taste and See

Core – Presence: Grace and Favor Part 2

Core – Presence: Grace and Favor

Core – Presence: God With Us

Responding to the Christmas Story

Core – Presence: Advent

Core – Family: Love Does Not Delight in Evil

Core – Family: No Record of Wrongs

25 Years of God’s Faithfulness

Core – Family: Love Is Not Rude

Guest Speaker: Mavis Kurkowski

Core – Family: Defaults and Deficits Part 2

Core – Family: Defaults and Deficits Part 1

Core – Family: Love Does Not Boast

Core – Family: Love Does Not Envy

Core – Family: Love is Kind

Transactional vs Transformational Relationships

Core – Family: 4 loves & Patience

Core – Family: Importance of Love

Core: Family – 1 Cor 13

Core – Family: Grace for loving people well

Michael Sanchez

Check your A.I.M. – loving others

Purity of Soul

Core: Family – Part 2

Core: Family

Core: Truth – The word of God

Father’s Day 2019

Bob Hanus

Being Fruitful in every season

How Mothers reveal God’s glory

Steve Tucker

Expectations vs Expectancy – Steven

Easter 2019

Is the bible just a book or God’s word?

Core-Truth – Is the bible true (part 2)

Core – Truth 4

Core-Truth III

Core – Truth Part II

Core – What is truth?

Being Led by the Spirit – Discussion Panel

Holy Spirit – Gifts vs Character

Stewarding your gifts

Spiritual Gifts – Part II

Spiritual Gifts

Hearing God’s Voice

The Holy Spirit and the Christmas story

The Holy Spirit brings Life!

The Holy Spirit – what does he do? Part II

Unity and the Holy Spirit – Part 2

Unity – Pastor Steven

The Holy Spirit – What does he do?

The Holy Spirit – Is He a person?

The Holy Spirit – Is he God? – Part 2

The Holy Spirit – Who is He?

The promise and the names of the Holy Spirit

Blessed for persecution

Consider your ways – Part 2

Consider your ways

Peacemakers and the Argument Culture

Peacemakers – Part 2

Being a peacemaker

Bob Hanus – The Cross-walker

Pure in heart

Blessed are the merciful

Meekness Part II – Pastor Steven

Authority in meekness – Pastor Steven

Hunger and thirst

Walking in meekness

Father’s Day 2018

The blessed life – The Beatitudes

The upside down kingdom of God – Matt 5

Holy Spirit

New Nature

Mother’s Day – Marne Snaza


I see…

My way or the High Way

Inside Job

Focus & Perspective

Growth Squared Part II

Growth Squared

Season of Growth – interview

Alive in Christ

Faith, Hope & Love

Revealing God’s Love

Body Ministry

Becoming the Church