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What is the strength of your faith?  Why do we hear so many crying out: “God why is this happening to me?  I’m serving you.  It seems as though my faith doesn’t work right.  I’m sick, but I believe in  healing.  Or, I believe in abundance yet I’m behind in my bills. What’s wrong?” Matthew […]

April 2016 | From the Pastor’s Desk

Time and how to spend it has become an issue with many people! Finding a way to balance out the time we spend making a living, being together with our families, relatives and friends, and spending time with God, prayer and the Bible, and ministry will at times make ones head spin. We are told […]

August 2015 | From the Pastor’s Desk

I have been reading a book entitled “Culture of Honor” by Danny Silk, and have been doing some studying on the topic of honor, which we will be ministering about on Sunday mornings because it is a vital part of the Kingdom of God. The word honor comes from the word glory in the Hebrew […]

August 2015 | Women’s Ministry

Faith….”Being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see” (Hebrews 11:10). Do you ever wonder why it seems some people have such strong faith?  Always believing and trusting God in everything.  Writing books that minister, or preaching, teaching, worshiping       unashamedly, interceding and encouraging others to believe, walking in the […]


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