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C.O.C. Messages

Peacemakers and Argument Culture

Peacemaking – Round 2

Being a Peacemaker

Bob Hanus

Blessed are the Pure in Heart

Blessed are the merciful


Meekness and Authority – Pastor Steven

Hungry and Thirsty for something

A better option – meekness

Life…Upside Down – Part II

Father’s Day 2018

A flourishing life in the Kingdom of God

Life…upside down

The Holy Spirit

Walking in your true identity – Pastor Steven Schiltz

Mother’s Day 2018 – Marne Snaza

Mistaken Identity – Steven Schiltz

I See

My way or the High way

It’s an inside job

Easter 2018 – Dwight Fearing’s Final Message

Focus and Perspective – Steven Schiltz

Growth Squared Part II – Steven Schiltz

Growth Squared – Steven Schiltz

Season of Spiritual Growth

Alive in Christ

Faith, hope and love

A revelation of His love

Gifts in the church

Being the body of Christ

Jesus saves

Christmas Eve Morning 2017

God with us


Dealing with worry

Always triumphant

The anchor of Hope

Honor – Mavis Kurkowski

Not losing heart in your ministry

Grace that overcomes

A Holy Spirit empowered life

Instruction for Christian living

Pastor Kirk – Grow!

Steven Schiltz – Making God Visible


Your thinking matters – Pastor Kirk

The compassion of God

The struggle against Fear

Encouraging you in your calling

Bob Hanus – Cross Walker

Transforming Faith


Joe Donnell

Father’s Day 2017


The kingdom of God – changing lives

Finishing Strong

Mother’s Day 2017

Process (continued)

Process of grace

Stewardship – Pastor Kirk

Resurrection Sunday 2017

Paul Tucker on Prayer

Steve Tucker

Philippians 3

Walking in freedom

Comfort to comfort

Culture of honor Part 2

A culture of Honor

Why Jesus came to earth

God of hope

C.O.C. Mission

Baptized in the Holy Spirit

Radical commitment

Live worthy

For the glory of God